Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Letter #5

Well, this letter wasn't so nice to read. I knew Josh was sick, but he kept saying that if he went to the doctor that his graduation date could be pushed back, so he wasn't going to go. And for Josh to give in a go to the doctor is a MAJOR MAJOR deal! I can't stress that enough. HUGE DEAL!

But he ended up going to the doctor and was ordered a 2 day SIQ (Sick In Quarters). Which means he has to stay in bed all day long. He didn't say anything about it extending his stay there, but I'll ask and find out next week hopefully. Please pray for sounds as though he's very sick. The doctor even said he was really tough and was clueless to why he hadn't come in there sooner.

His letter was written on the back of a letter I had previously sent him. He said he has very little spare room to put his personal stuff, so he'll slowly be sending letters back for me to keep so he isn't forced to throw them away.

He's not enjoying boot camp (but who is suppose to enjoy it right??) and can't sleep at all. He said he thinks about me when he feels really bad (which is a lot!!). He said he imagines us sitting around my house watching a movie together and it helps him not feel so bad. He received a card from my parents and thought that was really nice.

He's having a hard time with studying. That's never been a strong point of his...hence him not finishing college...just not his thing. He said he can't remember things very well and it's just not sticking. His Aunt Terri sent him some pictures of us from his birthday/going away weekend at the lake with his whole family. He said all the guys saw it and though I was cute..hehe. Then he randomly went into health care stuff. He said that when we get married I will have full health care and we can add dental on it for like $15 (how do you like that mom?! ha!). He's had a lot of bills this month...totaling $800...which is taken out of his pay in the end. He wasn't too thrilled about that at all.

I sure hope he gets to feeling better soon. I hate that he's sick and not able to do his best. He wants to graduate top in his class, and missing days will put him behind. I pray for a fast healing and the ability to catch up and do well in his studies.


Shelley said...

We'll say a special prayer for him today Lane. I hope his 2 days of sleep gives him renewed energy and endurance.

Alana said...

Oh man, I can't imagine being sick at boot camp. Poor guy...praying he feels better SOON!!

Janelle said...

You really, really love him don't you? I can tell in the sweet tone of your writing.

Janelle said...

Oh, I totally want to be SIQ. Sign me up for that! Only in my cushy bed with the big feather pillows and my soft blankie.