Thursday, October 09, 2008

It's All Going To Be Okay...Phew!


I called the Naval Command center this morning to see what their policy was on letters sent to the wrong division number. Their policy is to look up the last name in the roster and reroute the letter. If not found, they return the letters to the sender!

SO!! Hopefully all of the letters will come to him at once and he'll feel much better!

I over-nighted my letter today so he'll have something to read before he writes his third letter on Sunday night. Dang, I must love him a lot to pay $15 to mail a letter!!! hehe


Shelley said...

A well spent $15.

I'm glad they don't throw the letters away. I can hear the relief in your words!

Brian and Erika Opperman said...

I am so happy for you! What a relief. Probably the best spent $15 in awhile...
By any chances are you coming to Bolivar for Homecoming? I'm guessing not, but if you are I'd love to see your beautiful face.

Janelle said...

Would have done the same thing. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is financially irresponsible now and then. :)

Laney-Lou said... true Janelle!

And yes, the best spent $15 I've forked over in a while!

Erica, I'm actually not coming back to Bolivar for quite a while. Although I would LOOOVE to, I just can't afford it...probably not until Christmas. I think I'm even just chillin' here for! That's what I get for moving so far away I guess.

Alana said...

I would have definitely spent the $15 as well! Hope he gets the letters soon!!