Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My WAY FUN Branson Weekend!

This last weekend my friend Angie and I had a girls weekend in Branson! It was time to get away from Bolivar (and Springfield) for two days and just relax! We went to the Branson Landing for some shopping and ice cream....

After the Landing Angie and I headed to this cousin's house to take advantage of their surround sound and watch some scary movies!! We saw this movie...and this movie! AMAZING..I HIGHLY RECOMMEND BOTH!!!

This cousin and I took some fun pictures...I know you'll REALLY love me after this!

We then went to THE coolest church in Branson with my family and captured a few of these pictures afterwards...

After church, Angie and I decided to go to this restaurant for some lunch!

*Insert creepy story* We are one of the first to be seated for the lunch hour and got put in the tiny little cove of five booths way in the corner. Little did we know we would also have the creepiest waiter in the world.

Now I'm not talking kinda weird, I'm talking THE creepiest waiter you could ever imagine. He had slicked back hair with a little poof to it, walked like he should be wearing a penguin tailed tuxedo jacket about to sit down at a piano, and a smug look on his face. He talked softly and always leaned in close.

I know, creepo huh?

Well, he made quite a few sexual innuendos while trying to give us the best possible service in the whole place, which just ended up making him even more creepy. Let's just say, he grated our cheese very slowly while staring us in the eye, made suggestive comments when bringing out breadsticks, and when laying down our Andy's Mints he left us with this: Well, I had to leave you with a little something. *Wink*

So, to all my Branson friends out there, be VERY careful when going to Olive Garden...you just might get THE creepy waiter. And if you catch yourself wondering if you have him as your waiter, it's not him. There will be NO wondering in that decision..you'll just know!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Time For Change!


verb: to make or become different.

Many times we look back in life and there are lots of milestone changes we go through. A new school, shaving for the first time, a big move, loosing your first tooth, or even a special date!

Right now, you're probably thinking of something just like that!

So, why do I bring this up?

Well, you probably are thinking that I'm referring to a change that will come my way in May with graduation and a move. And yes, that is true, but that's not what this blog is about.

Have you ever changed something physically that has made you feel like a new person?

Well, that's exactly how I feel RIGHT NOW! Yesterday, I ventured into my friends place of business and the change began! I encourage you to do the same...it sure does give you a boost of confidence!

Check it out!