Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twist on Waffles!

A few months ago my husband brought me waffles in bed!  Chocolate chip waffles at that!  THEY WERE SO YUMMY!  I asked how he made them....he said, "The muffin mix in the pantry."  Really?  Muffin mix?  So this last weekend it was my turn to try.  We had blueberry and chocolate chip mix in the pantry that I whipped them up and threw on the waffle iron.  Way fast, way easy, and WAY yummy!  Each of these packets made 3 waffles...so not very many, but for a home of 2 we don't need a whole bunch just to go to waste.  I highly suggest trying this people!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

3 Months Old (a little late on uploading)

My sweet C, 3 whole months old! I can't believe it!  Here are his Navy Sailor Portraits!

Love that foot peeking out.

One of my faves!
 My other favorite! Love those sweet blue eyes!
 Within 5 mins of the last picture he looked like this! ;-) THOSE LIPS!

 I love to kiss those toes!