Monday, May 26, 2008

My New Home in Kentucky!

I'M HERE!! Finally, I'm graduated and off to the new city of Louisville! I must say, my apartment is coming together quite nicely (pictures below....although it's not all done yet). My parents and grandma helped us move everything in and helped get lots of things decorated! It was SOOOO nice to have them here to see where I'll be for a while and to help out with the move. Lauren and I would have been out of luck if it weren't for my dad! That's for sure!

My roommate, Lauren Hodson, and I attended at MEGA church this morning that has close to 16,000 in attendance every Sunday!!!! Ya I know...that's big time! They have elevators and escalators to take you to the balcony, a very large coffee shop, and stadium seating! CRAZY BIG! The pastor preached on divorce and what the Bible says about was very good! Lauren and I plan on visiting again next week and also going to a Bible study on Tuesday night that's offered for people around our age. We're planning on visiting other churches as well, but we definitely want to give each one two weeks!

So far Lauren and I have been shopping at a great mall (one of 4 or 5 I think), searching for a karaoke bar (no luck there...maybe soon there will be a funny post about that), putting our apartment together, tanning out by our pool, and exercising at a really pretty park! We have yet to get super lost and are picking up the area pretty fast!

As for meeting people so far, we have yet to do that! haha Hopefully Tuesday night we'll be able to meet some people our age to hang out with. I surprisingly met a wonderful guy, Josh, a month before I left Bolivar and am missing him pretty bad.... :-( Looks like I'll be making a visit home in about a week for some fun dates with get I come!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Picture says it all...I LOVE YOU FOR BEING YOU MOM!

Thanks for always holding me close, even though we're miles apart.  
I love you mom!  Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

The Passing of a Loved One

As most of you know my Step-Grandpa, Dave Lewis, was diagnosed February 1st with ALS, and his disease progressed rapidly, affecting his breathing the most. He passed away Friday morning, May 2, very peacefully. He went into a deep sleep and his heart quietly failed. Thank you from the depth of my heart for the prayers for our family.

I want you to see how God answered our prayers so PERFECTLY! We had prayed and prayed that when Dave didn’t have any quality of life left that he could enjoy that God would “take him fast”! Many of you had been praying the same type of prayers as all of us, and that is exactly what has happened. God took him home fast!

Even though the past few weeks have been difficult for him, he could still walk pretty well, he could talk to us…that is amazing to me! Grandma is doing well, she of course has her moments, but she is a very strong woman. Please keep her in your prayers as time goes on, I would appreciate that so much.

Grandma’s address, if you would like to send a card is:

Ellie Lewis

808 Hickory Court

Nixa, MO 65714