Thursday, November 06, 2008

Letter #6!

Oh how nice it was to receive letter #6! He said he just finished "Hell Week", so they say, and it was his favorite week so far! haha Ironic. They call it that because there are so many inspections that are really tough and people just get reamed for every little thing wrong.

He had mentioned in a past letter that the trainers don't really remember his name...which is a good thing there! If they know your name it's because they yell at you a lot. So, it seems like they don't ream him too much. When we talked on the phone he chose not to tell me about some of the things they have yelled in his face because it's pretty disgusting. So I guess when they yell at him it's not for screwing up....just the normal yelling. Anyway, he succeed this week again in not giving them a reason to know his name. Only to remember it for being impressed I hope!

He scored a 5.0 (highest you can get) on ALL his inspections! Ya that's right...he'll be doing the cleaning and bed making in our house...I'll just remind him he does a 5.0 job and I don't! haha

He got his uniform tailored and took his picture. He said, "I looked real good Lane...I mean REAL good!" haha They always say, "You gotta love a man in uniform!"
I guess we'll find out right!?

So I sent him something kind of know those sound cards?? Now they have them where you can record a 10 second message.

Um, DUH! I totally got one of those to send him! haha He said they played it in front of everyone several times. OOPS! I wasn't mushy in my recording, but it did play some corney love song at the end of it! Although, he did say it was good to hear my voice and he liked it a lot....just not everyone listening to it over and over again!

He was also so sweet to offer his bank info in MO so I can access money if I needed to. He's precious I tell you. I turned him down on that because I want him to save all of that, but still thought it was so sweet he wanted to make sure I was okay on money.

And to answer my friend's question from her comment on my last blog...YES! I DO love him so SO much! I'm so proud of him and just can't wait to see him and move forward with our relationship!

It sounds like he's feeling much better and things are speeding up. ONLY 15 MORE DAYS!!!!!!


Shelley said...

What a great update sweetie! And someday you can tell him I know how he felt with all his comrades teasing him about you...I seem to recall all of my FAMILY teasing me and Jason that first Christmas. ROMEO!!!!!!!!!!

Laney-Lou said...

and oh how we still love ROOOOOMEOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Janelle said...

I wanna good seat at the wedding! And cake...lots and lots of cake.

But most of all, I can't wait until you see him in 15 days. I know you will savor every minute you will have with him.

What is next after basic?

Laney-Lou said...

he's off to Pensacola for a month of school....then to San Diego for 4 months of school. as far as i know, there is little time between basic and all his i hope to get to see him now and again. then, after school in San Diego...WEDDING BLISS!

Alana said...