Thursday, October 16, 2008

Letter #3...The Best Yet!

Well, today was a LOOOOONG day working at the salon. When I mean long, I mean from 9 to 9....ya. STINK! Also, my mom called me while I was at work to inform me that my Papa Kenny (her dad) was being rushed to the hospital for a possible heart attack. She called back later to tell me it wasn't a heart attack, they had treated all his symptoms, but notice bleeding internally and they don't know where it's coming from (if I understood all that right). They are doing many more tests in the morning, so please say a prayer for him.

My letter didn't come yesterday like normal because of Columbus Day, so I got home to a lovely letter from my lovely this evening. Just what I needed to perk me up. And this time, the letter was 3 pages long!!! THE BEST YET!!! In the past, it's only been 1 because he hasn't had much time. This time around, a friend of his that went to boot camp with him, and actually got put in his division, was on duty that night and let him write a letter! How sweet huh?!

So, I know you're probably dying to know what's in the letter.


Oh right, that was just me...ALL DAY! Wanting to get home asap to read my letter!

So here it is...some quotes from "The Best Yet":

  • I'm doing better. I can't tell you how I'm changing. I don't have the time and if I got started I wouldn't be able to stop.
  • I love you Lane so much!!! I could write you all day. I'm going through a lot and it's about time. It's all good changes. I'm ready to spend the rest of my life with you. I hope you're doing okay. Tell everybody to send more means so much.
  • I just past my swimming test...easy. I'm not getting much sleep, which sucks. I have a PE Test tomorrow...hope it goes well. I think I've gained 10 pound....of fat. I'm not getting a good workout yet. 1 guy already quit.
  • I got a job in my division. PLO! Tell my dad that, he will laugh.
  • I noticed my hair grows faster than everybody else's.
  • I enjoy ironing...I ironed 76 handkerchiefs today. (YIPPIE! He'll be doing the ironing!)
  • We are busy from 5 am to 10 pm every night.
  • I cry at night when I read everybody's mail...I'm alone it feels at times.
  • My sinus' suck. I NEED DRUGS!
  • OH MY GOSH! I FORGOT! I got a penicillin shot 3 days ago...I passed out and started sweating bad. My rear end was on fire for 2 days!
  • I'm not crazy about Chicago's weather. Rain and cold wind. The wind is bad!
  • The food here isn't that bad, but I think I'm so hungry it doesn't matter.
  • By the way, when I write you guys I'm tired and can't see very well or think straight, so bare with me. (hehe...I can't definitely tell he's tired...I revise a lot of what he writes on the blog so it makes sense!)
  • I like all the verses people send me. Reading my bible is very hard to do at night. I don't have the ways of getting a hold of it. I have to sneak it. I pray before every meal and I think it's catching on. I also sing out loud at chapel and Sunday's...that really caught on. Everyone around me is singing now and loud with a smile.
  • I was told if all goes well I'll be out by the 21st! I really hope so (right before Thanksgiving)!
  • I was thinking you could send me a picture, no bigger than a baseball card - like one of the ones from facebook that I said I liked. I have to show my recruiters. I just had to throw away all my newspaper clipping of my Dad's OBU's dumb. (This coming from the boy who said NO PICTURES and NO MUSHY talk in the first letter...hehe)
  • I miss you so much and think the world of you. My dad thinks you're great, and that's saying something! Tell your parent thanks for the prayers. LOVE YOU and think about you more than anyone.
  • BE SMART! I want you to be around when I get out! (that line made me laugh...but sweet at the same time.)
  • Love, Josh - your man.
Heheh...he's so cute! Thanks to all of you for your prayers and for keeping up with us! Love you all!!


Shelley said...

Love it! He's so sweet! I'm so glad it was so good! I bet they'll get better and better.

And he loves ironing?!


Alana said...

Yay! What a great letter. All the good stuff you needed to hear, right?

I'm with Shelley on the ironing.

And yes, get the book. It would be an EXCELLENT book for you guys to work through together. Wish I had read it before we got married. Good stuff.

michelle said...

I remember waiting for Chris to send letters or call when he was away at training! It is a really tough time to be apart but you both will grow in amazing ways also! Thanks for the update! I'm glad to hear Josh is adjusting well!