Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'M MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!

Josh and I are happy to announce that WE ELOPED on February 13, 2009, in Pensacola, FL!

After weighing lots of options within the Navy and our situation, elopement was the best decision!

As long as he doesn't get put on a ship right out of his schooling ending April 28, we'll still have our May 2 celebration!!!! It'll still be at my parent's place in Fordland, MO (just outside of Springfield).


About two weeks or so before my visit to Pensacola, FL, we weighed our options and decided then that we would try to make it to the court house before it closed on Friday. Sure enough, I made to FL on time after a 10.5 hour drive, filled out paperwork, walked into a room with a white arch with fake ivy running through it, and said "I DO!" Definitely something we'll never forget!

Our families are extremely happy and so are Josh and I. We hope that you are all supportive and excited too! We look forward to seeing many of you for our big reception on May 2!!

The rest of the trip:

Saturday was filled with some tasks that needed to be done. I needed to get put on his bank account and we searched all over Pensacola for the best deal on a ring for him! He wanted to pick it out (so I didn't have it the day we got married), but after going back and forth between yellow and white gold....he settled on white!

Then Saturday evening we headed out for a nice dinner with Josh's buddy and his wife, Matt and Sarah. She lives just south of St. Louis, so she came to L-ville Thursday night, and we left early Friday morning and rode down together.

Before heading to Valentine's Dinner

At Red of our favorites!

Matt and Sarah Whitaker

It rained most of the weekend. All but of course our last day there! Sunday, we spent the day watching movies and hanging out with Sarah and Matt. The pictures of us and our rings were taken at the movie theater while waiting for the movie to start. We saw "Taken"....HIGHLY RECOMMEND....IT WAS AMAZING!!!

So since it stopped raining on Monday, we drove 30 minutes to spend the day on the beach!! It was SOOOOO pretty! A beautiful blue sky and clear blue water....and my hott hubby! Great combo!

My husband is so handsome!


We fed lots of birds too! We had some cookies that we would break apart and they would hover just right above us and catch the pieces we threw. Pretty incredible!

So you probably noticed Josh wearing the same shirt all weekend...haha...he doesn't have any nice clothing on base with him, so we bought this shirt at the mall Saturday. To say the least, it became a favorite!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


And what is my present you ask?

Actually, it's my birthday present from all paid for trip to PENSACOLA, FL, TO SEE MY MAN!! Great present eh?

As for Valentine's, I'm just thrilled to spend it with HIM.

Hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day....whether you celebrate it or not....I hope it's a day filled with smiles!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Friends, New Family

Last weekend I had the honor of finally meeting some of Josh's long time family friends. Josh refers to Vickie and Berry as his "fake mom and dad". Their families have been very close all of Josh's life and they talk about Vickie, Berry, Nola, and Branson ALL the time! Over Christmas I was hoping to meet them, but our schedules didn't match up.

So, the gang ended up coming to Louisville for a wedding! I soooo enjoyed my time with them. Branson wasn't there, but I got to meet Vickie, Berry, and Nola. Vickie asked question after question about favorite dessert, music, movie, etc. The questions just kept coming! It was lots of fun. We talked about future wedding plans (which we still have no date...ugg.), our favorite musicals, and our favorite places to shop. It was like we were long lost friends catching up. In a way, I met more family last was great!
Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Me and Nola Stephens

Nola, me, and Vickie Ellis

Me with Berry and Vickie Ellis

The whole gang!