Tuesday, December 08, 2009

WOW WOW WOW.....I've been on a Blogger hiatus for the last 5 months! I'll try not to do that again!

No need to try and catch everyone up....I'll just start from here.

All that today's blog is about another blog! haha


Thanks so my big sis, Lauren, for introducing me to this site. She sent it to me suggesting the Potato Soup (which I will be trying tomorrow night!). If you like Crock Pot recipes....CLICK BELOW!!!


Thursday, July 16, 2009


First off.....JOSH CAME HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPIE!!! It's been a few weeks now, but it's so nice to have my baby back!

To welcome him home, his family from Oklahoma drove to Norfolk to spend some time with Josh while he had a few days off. It was the perfect time because Josh didn't have to go into work one time while his family was here! They were here from a Thursday night until Tuesday afternoon. We spent the 4th of July together on the beach enjoying the sun, sand, and fireworks! It was delightful...except for the sunburn and the lame firework show. haha I LOVE fireworks and was so looking forward to seeing them over the ocean, but I guess since the economy they cut down this year. It was kinda slow moving and pretty short. I enjoyed them while they lasted, but was definitely let down from all the hype I had heard about them. No matter what, it was good to have Josh there with me. We also went to Busch Gardens while his family was here and it was a blast! Below are some pics I took with my phone when we saw them posted on the screens...that's why the quality isn't as good.


Left to Right: Random kid, David, Ryan, David Searles...I'm next to David Searles, but got put in a separate pic (I'm on the left of the next pic).

WE HAVE NEW FAMILY MEMBERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes that's right......KITTENS! They are adorable and so fun to play with. They of course get hyper and into lots of things now and again, but for the most part they just like to lay around with you and snuggle up against you. Which of course I love! When we got them, they were named Lynx and Leo. I liked the names, but Josh wanted something else. Each cat has taken to one of us, so we claimed that one and named them. I'm still working on mine...ANY SUGGESTIONS?? Josh has named his...Walker. He's trying to convince me to name my Texas Ranger. haha I don't think so. Lynx and Leo go together nicely, but now that it's Walker and Lynx it doesn't sound as cute. So, any suggestions would be nice. He's the small black one.

Continuing on about my family, my next post will be full of my side of the family! I fly to Springfield TOMORROW to ride down with my mom to Dallas for Mary Kay Seminar. The most fun thing all year long to go to...we look forward to the next one as soon as we leave Seminar that year! On our way down to Dallas, we'll stop off in Oklahoma City to see my sister, Lauren, and her husband, Will! Then we'll head to Wichita Falls to see my cousin, Kara and her new baby, Preston, plus my oldest sister, Jenny, and her three kiddos, Bryson, Ashlyn, and Canyon! I'm sooooooooo excited to see everyone! I haven't seen people in Wichita Falls since last Christmas...so I'm very eager to hug their necks. After Seminar, I'll stay in Springfield for two days to get to see everyone there and maybe hit up Silver Dollar City with mom.

Until then....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Josh Update Plus Apartment Pictures!

Well I haven't given much of an update since Josh left and there are no wedding pictures up yet! So, let's get to the juicy details. Well I don't know about juicy...but here are the details!!

JOSH WILL BE HOME ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you couldn't tell by all my exclamation points, I'm just a little excited. hehe We have fortunately been able to e-mail back and forth...even several times in one day sometimes. If we catch each other online at the same time then we get a chance to message back and forth rather than waiting hours or until the next day to hear from each other. Although, I really do wish I could hear his voice. :-(

He hasn't really liked being cramped on a ship the last month, but who would really. He said that ship life is really hard and very stressful. I did write in my last update that he's getting to work on the deck and not scrubbing dishes, but I think some days he wishes he were scrubbing dishes. It's definitely manual labor on the deck moving really heavy chains, doing all the needed jobs to ready the place for planes to land, and some mechanical work. He works from about 6am-6pm with a break now again...which is his e-mail time! It's definitely been a growing experience for him and I both...but probably more so him. Since he's been gone our things from Louisville arrived and I am DONE decorating!! Well, done decorating with all the things we already own that is. Our room still needs furniture in it and there a few wall things I would like to add. Josh's mom will be bringing a few things when they come visit in August that are some Navy memorabilia from his grandpa that I can't wait to display. Basically, I feel more at home now!

I've visited a church the last two weeks that I really enjoy! I met a girl named, Amy, last week and as we got to talking she's from SPRINGFIELD, MO! She is just here for the summer living with her sister and brother-in-law while doing an internship at the church. She'll be graduating from CBC in December and walking in May. Which means, if I move back home during Josh's long time away, she'll be in Springfield and we can continue our friendship! We've been tanning on the beach a few times this week and she and her sister came over last night for a girls night. The Lord is definitely blessing me. Speaking of blessings....I GOT A JOB!! Unfortunately it doesn't start until August. A slight turn of events happened on their end and will end up having help until the end of July when they thought they needed someone else. But like I said, the Lord is blessing us and providing financially for us in lots of other ways! He is so good...ALL the time.

Below are some picture updates of what the apartment looks like so far!!

Look familiar? This is our guest room.

Our room...not much in it....gotta get more stuff later.

Dining room!

Fun Fiesta Ware always brightens things up!

The only addition to the kitchen (besides more serving ware)...a favorite IKEA item that
has followed me through all three apartments thus far!

The piano that hopefully I can relearn to play!

Finally a cozy living room!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Goodbye to what?

1.) Josh
He left for his one month training deployment yesterday. Am I sad? Of course. But it's only a month and I know he's safe! It's only for training so I know he won't be harmed at all. Ask me again if I'm a mess in 4 months when he leaves for the Persian Gulf for 9 months. AH!
**Update on his time on the ship....He isn't working in the galley scrubbing dishes!! He's actually on the flight deck doing better work! YIPPIE! Also, he informed me that Master Chief is working on helping us get all that back pay from the beginning of boot camp. I don't know why he's wanting to help, but God is good and is providing! Please pray it really does come through this time!**

2.) The "Pet"
I'm not sure what was going through Josh's mind two days before leaving me for a month, but he came home with a domesticated pet rat....cage and all. I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, of all things a rat??? Why not a fish or a CAT?! It went back to the pet store today! They only gave me my money back for the rat, not it's giant cage that cost $70. UG! I'll try that one on craigslist. Anyhoo, I'm rid of that and enjoying the apartment...rat free! I told Josh in our last e-mail that I took it back and he didn't say anything about it when he responded! PHEW! I escaped that one!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

So far, so _____...

We got some not so good news on the first two days of Josh starting his new job.

1.) Josh leaves for a one month deployment for training on June 9.

2.) Josh leaves for a 7-9 month (they said their Squadran is usually gone for 8-8 1/2 months) deployment starting sometime in October. Which means he'll be gone for our first Thanksgiving and Christmas being married, my birthday, and our 1 year anniversary. :-(

3.) As for now, Josh doesn't get to touch an engine for about a year and a half. This is the most upsetting for him besides the deployments. This is why he joined the Navy...to work on planes! Instead, he'll be motioning in air planes as they land for a year and a half. UG!

4.) Since he doesn't get to work on engines, during his long deployment he'll be doing dirty work like dishes, scraping scum off the side of the ship, and motioning in planes on the ship deck.

5.) He is in one of the most awarded Squadran's, therefore they go on ALL deployments. Meaning he'll most likely be home for 6 months and then leave for 7-9 months again. An officer told him on his first day to prepare himself and me for him to be gone the next 5 years more than he'll be home. :-(

6.) We WILL be getting our things from Louisville around June 8th, but it will probably be limited cost. Which means they'll pick up all our stuff and then a few weeks later inform us if we owe anything or not. We don't even get the option of seeing if they'll be charging us before they pick it up to see if we could do it ourselves for less.

But among the cruddy stuff, Josh and I are having some really good times. We've been out and about in downtown Norfolk a time or two to see a movie and to just get out of the apartment. I had no idea he actually wrote in the journal his family gave him before bootcamp, but he pulled it out and read me two journalings last night. The first spoke of our engagement. His words were so sweet to hear. He wrote about how much he cared for "His Dear Lane" and can't wait to actually be in the same place. The second one he read was written after we eloped. He talked about what a great decision he made and how happy "His Dear Lane" makes him. I don't think I've ever heard him refer to me as "His Dear Lane", but I guess in his mind that's how he thinks of me. So sweet! He has definitely been my rock through this move and I know for a fact it would have been impossible without him. He has provided for me and taken very good care of me.

I'm currently working here and there to build up my Mary Kay business here in Norfolk handing out business cards. I actually miss my salon job (and the free perks) a little bit...so I found an upscale salon in downtown Norfolk that's looking for a coordinator for only 2-3 days a week. I applied for it in hopes that it'll help me meet some new people!

Everything will work out. God isn't surprised by the things that happen in our lives (thank you to my Father-In-Law who reminded me of that), so it's comforting to know that everything is for a reason. The time away from Josh can only make us stronger!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! LOVE LOVE LOVE to all of you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Norfolk Newlywed's New News!

I'm sure you're all dying for an update...haha...maybe so or maybe not, but here it comes!!!

While in Shawnee, we bought Josh a white 2005 Ford F-150 truck! He's loving it of course!

We left for our big adventure on the 10th and got to Norfolk on Tuesday the 12th. We went straight to the base to get my ID and check in to see what needed to be done. They had informed Josh in Pensacola that he would be getting 10 days off after checking in to find a home and get settled. As we began updating paperwork and talking to the Petty Officer about his 10 days off, he told him that he's not suppose to get those days off right out of this last schooling. The people in FL told him lots and LOTS of things that would happen during the move that we don't think are going to happen. Luckily, Josh was granted his 10 days off by the Master Chief who was feeling generous that day I guess. I didn't know who he was at the time, but I ran into to him in the parking lot and greeted him and asked how he was. When I got back inside Josh said, "The Master Chief just came in, asked if you were my wife, and granted me my 10 days off!!" Thank you thank you...I'll say I had part in that! ;-) Hey, I'll take what I can get here.

We are now waiting for a few things to go through. Josh's rank has been E2 (which means more money every month) since his first day of boot camp, but his status never processed through and we've been missing out on that extra money since then. While in Springfield during the wedding he went to the offices and thought it all got fixed, but it didn't. So please pray that his rank goes through within the next two days, only by God's miracle that will happen, so we can get all the back pay from the beginning of boot camp.

Praise the Lord he got those days off though. I would be SO lost if it weren't for him. I would hate doing all of this alone. We found an apartment two days after getting here and moved in the next day! I was disappointed when we got moved in though. We were very decieved by the complex on what our apartment would look like. They wouldn't let us see the apartment because it was being "cleaned and fixed up" so they would only let us see the model. The model had pretty kitchen cabinets and a celing fan with light in both bedrooms. When we moved in we began to find one thing after another that was a bummer. There are no fans, let alone lights, in either bedroom, the kitchen cabinets are NOT new and the drawers fall out easily when you pull them out, and our bathtub is pretty beat up. We fixed lighting issues with lamps....they will work out great! As for the kitchen and bathroom, I'll just keep telling myself this is temporary! ;-) As we have moved more things in it's really not so bad! I don't think about the kitchen cabinets and hold on tight to the drawers! hehe The more furniture we move in the more cozy it's getting!

We haven't gotten any of my belongings from Louisville yet. We are currently trying to figure out how to get my things here. They told us they would be moving us, but the Petty Officer also told us that's not suppose to happen for your first command. We have an appointment tomorrow morning to see what can be done on their part so we aren't out of pocket for that...please pray they move it for us at no cost! The furniture we do have right now we've gotten while we've been here. We bought new our bed frame, mattress, bedding, lamps, end tables (that we pick up today!), TV, and TV stand (with gift cards and money from our wonderful family and friends from the wedding...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!), but we found a GREAT deal on our couch off of craigslist.com. Almost everything else we need will be coming with my load....coffee table, kitchen table and chairs, all the bedding and dressers for the guest room, more kitchen supplies, etc. I'm anxious to put personal things up like pictures and some family items I've had for a long time. Soon it will be sooooo cozy here!

I believe that's all for now. Josh reports back to base on Saturday and begins work after that. We have our appointment tomorrow to find out about getting my stuff here from Louisville. And we will continue to make ourselves feel at home here. Thanks for all your prayers...keep them coming....and I'll keep updating on how things are going. Love and miss you ALL very much! If you need our new address don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or facebook me!

Oh, and the professional pictures by Climer Photography should be arriving soon....so pictures will be posted in a week or two! Click their website for a few sneak peeks under Folio!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Do I have some pictures for you guys!!

I figure it might be fun to just look at pictures with a few captions here and there. So Enjoy!

Us gals from work....we have fun!

Literally just hours before giving birth!
I was there timing her contractions
and got a great picture here! ;-)
She's just so proud to be a mommy!
I'm proud of her too!

Gunner Harlin Powell
3-26-09Just 3 hours old!Cutest smile at only 5 days old!I call this one, "Gunner Squats A Lot"
"Maybe if I hold it like this..."
My first evidence to my mom of my name change.
It was really weird for her! hahaI couldn't resist taking this one....he's
a man after his momma!!!
Of course Annie wanted her turn with a picture too! ;-)