Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Memorable Moments In Nannyhood

I must start off by saying I'm wearing a darn cute outfit today that I bought here just the other day. And why is it that when you have on a new outfit you feel invincible? I dunno why, but today I definitely did! Therefore I took both kids here today for lunch (which we do every other week or so)! But this one had a Play Place! ;-) Which, I had never let Jonah, the 17 month old, play in.

But remember, I feel invincible today!

So we walk in, get our food, sit inside the Play Place to eat, and chow down! After finishing, both boys were eager to get down and play. Noah got done earlier than Jonah so he went and played by himself for a while and made friends with another boy there named Noah (we'll call him Noah2). I sat and contemplated on letting Jonah play in it or not, because I definitely didn't want to crawl all up in there to help him.

But remember, I feel invincible today!

So I decided that if Noah helped Jonah he should be just fine. Jonah and I go to a kids gym class every week and is exceptional in his climbing skills, falling and picking himself back up like nothing happened skills, and playing well with others skills. So, what the heck...why not right?!

Remember, I feel invincible today!

Everything went great!! The whole time they were playing great! Noah and Noah2 never left Jonah and took great care of him. I could hear them laughing the whole time...too cute!

Noah comes down the slide and says, "Um Miss Lane, I can't find the baby." (Why he called his brother "the baby," I have no idea.) I said, "Well I can hear him, so go look at the top of the green slide." Just then, I hear Noah2 yell, "FOUND HIM!!!" It wasn't long after that he comes sliding down the slide on his belly giggling the whole way down.


That's right...a pantless Jonah just slid down the slide...also missing one sock. He's been having "problems" lately with leaking out of his diapers due to some medicine he takes. Let's just say it's called "Diaper Chocolate." So of course fear struck in knowing that it was just about time to change that diaper! "OH NO! WHAT IF THERE'S DIAPER CHOCOLATE ALLLLL OVER THE PLACE!?!?!" So I run over, laughing might I add, to see all is clear in that department. But still, where are his pants and sock. Oh gee, I'm going to have to crawl all over this Play Place to find them Just then, Noah2 comes sliding down with pants and one sock in hand!

That's right, I'm invincible today!


Shelley said...

Oh Laney, you make me laugh. And yes, you were right, that HAS happened to me, only WITH the chocolate diaper, not without. Poor Michelle, though, was the one who had to clean it up, since I was 9 months prego with Annie! Fun times my dear, fun times!

Shelley said...

Was that last line supposed to say Invincible, or Invisible? :)

Laney-Lou said...


and what a trooper michelle is!

Janelle said...

You just passed Motherhood 101. Next lesson, projectile vomit.

Alana said...

I love Janelle's comment. You have to beware of those "I'm feeling invicible" days!