Friday, April 23, 2010

Recent Photography

Hello blogger world!

As some of you know I've gotten into photography the last couple of months. I've always enjoyed life through a lens, but have never had a whole lot of equipment to really get into it. For Christmas, my wonderful husband got me a Digital SLR Nikon D5000! His dad had a ton of lenses from his old 35mm Nikon, so he gave me a bunch of AWESOME Nikkor lenses. I also got hooked up with a Nikon backpack, a monopod, and this VERY HELPFUL Nikon D5000 Users Guide!  So, I got the hook up for sure over Christmas!  The only things I want to add to my collection are a flash and Photoshop! Well, since Christmas I have added Photoshop (just earlier this week)!!!  I bought it from Academic Superstore for a super low price!  If you're wanting a good deal, this is the place to go.  Although, you must be a current student (or know someone who is and will give you all their info as if it were you in school) or a teacher!  I got it for about 80% OFF!!!!!  Now, waiting on adding in that flash I want.  Patience Lane, patience. 

Since Photoshop arrived I've been playing around and learning a lot!  I'm very happy with my progress and am looking forward to two future sessions I have here in Virginia Beach.  One Preggo Session and one Couple's Session with their new pup.  Once those happen (later May), I'll be posting those!  As for now, enjoy a bit of my work over the last months