Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Do I have some pictures for you guys!!

I figure it might be fun to just look at pictures with a few captions here and there. So Enjoy!

Us gals from work....we have fun!

Literally just hours before giving birth!
I was there timing her contractions
and got a great picture here! ;-)
She's just so proud to be a mommy!
I'm proud of her too!

Gunner Harlin Powell
3-26-09Just 3 hours old!Cutest smile at only 5 days old!I call this one, "Gunner Squats A Lot"
"Maybe if I hold it like this..."
My first evidence to my mom of my name change.
It was really weird for her! hahaI couldn't resist taking this one....he's
a man after his momma!!!
Of course Annie wanted her turn with a picture too! ;-)