Saturday, February 07, 2009

New Friends, New Family

Last weekend I had the honor of finally meeting some of Josh's long time family friends. Josh refers to Vickie and Berry as his "fake mom and dad". Their families have been very close all of Josh's life and they talk about Vickie, Berry, Nola, and Branson ALL the time! Over Christmas I was hoping to meet them, but our schedules didn't match up.

So, the gang ended up coming to Louisville for a wedding! I soooo enjoyed my time with them. Branson wasn't there, but I got to meet Vickie, Berry, and Nola. Vickie asked question after question about favorite dessert, music, movie, etc. The questions just kept coming! It was lots of fun. We talked about future wedding plans (which we still have no date...ugg.), our favorite musicals, and our favorite places to shop. It was like we were long lost friends catching up. In a way, I met more family last was great!
Here are a few pictures from our visit.

Me and Nola Stephens

Nola, me, and Vickie Ellis

Me with Berry and Vickie Ellis

The whole gang!

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Shelley said...

How cool! And I love your sweater!