Saturday, January 17, 2009

Changing The Plans...

I just have to say how amazing the Lord is! He ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, takes care of His children. Anybody disagree? Didn't think so.

After a great Christmas and New Year, I traveled back to KY to go back to nannying. Only to find out that my boss was unfortunately "let go" from her job. She was very high up in the administration at a hospital chain throughout KY and had been in that position for 10 years. They "dissolved" her job and made three different ones out of it...which she of course interviewed for...but sadly wasn't offered. Therefore, I am no longer a full time nanny. It's extremely heartbreaking for me not to see the boys everyday, but moreso knowing that my boss is suffering through this big time.

Praise the Lord though. I was able to pick up way more hours at the salon and will still see the boys at least once a week!!! God is so good!

Well, I have strep throat...ugggg. I went to the doctor Friday morning and got some meds...which seem to be working fast! I toughed it out for my Friday evening (mentioned below), but have been laying down most of the day today.

Next....I TURN 23 THIS COMING MONDAY!!! AH!!!! Okay, I know it's young...but for some reason 23 seems so wierd to me. Anyway, I'm super excited! Some friends from church and I celebrated a little last night by seeing the traveling Broadway muscial, WICKED! It was fantastic!!!!

Eating out at a nice dinner before hand.


I guess that's all for now. Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!


Janelle said...

So sad about your boss's job. How is she handling the news?

I am sure those silly, sweet boys are missing you, too.

Hope you have a fabulous birthday. I wonder what is in store for you this year...wink, wink!

Shelley said...

I get why 23 seems weird. I think I felt that way too. I was a long time ago...and I'm getting old...:)

SO cool that you saw Wicked! I've heard it's awesome.

And mom had told me about your boss losing her job. How scary for her. I'm glad you got more hours at the salon. I need to call you and get an update! Maybe tomorrow. Love you!

michelle said...

Happy Birthday just a tiny bit late! I hope you enjoyed your special day! Sorry to hear about your nanny job! I know how much you loved being with the boys so much! I'm keeping you close in prayer!