Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Norfolk Newlywed's New News!

I'm sure you're all dying for an update...haha...maybe so or maybe not, but here it comes!!!

While in Shawnee, we bought Josh a white 2005 Ford F-150 truck! He's loving it of course!

We left for our big adventure on the 10th and got to Norfolk on Tuesday the 12th. We went straight to the base to get my ID and check in to see what needed to be done. They had informed Josh in Pensacola that he would be getting 10 days off after checking in to find a home and get settled. As we began updating paperwork and talking to the Petty Officer about his 10 days off, he told him that he's not suppose to get those days off right out of this last schooling. The people in FL told him lots and LOTS of things that would happen during the move that we don't think are going to happen. Luckily, Josh was granted his 10 days off by the Master Chief who was feeling generous that day I guess. I didn't know who he was at the time, but I ran into to him in the parking lot and greeted him and asked how he was. When I got back inside Josh said, "The Master Chief just came in, asked if you were my wife, and granted me my 10 days off!!" Thank you thank you...I'll say I had part in that! ;-) Hey, I'll take what I can get here.

We are now waiting for a few things to go through. Josh's rank has been E2 (which means more money every month) since his first day of boot camp, but his status never processed through and we've been missing out on that extra money since then. While in Springfield during the wedding he went to the offices and thought it all got fixed, but it didn't. So please pray that his rank goes through within the next two days, only by God's miracle that will happen, so we can get all the back pay from the beginning of boot camp.

Praise the Lord he got those days off though. I would be SO lost if it weren't for him. I would hate doing all of this alone. We found an apartment two days after getting here and moved in the next day! I was disappointed when we got moved in though. We were very decieved by the complex on what our apartment would look like. They wouldn't let us see the apartment because it was being "cleaned and fixed up" so they would only let us see the model. The model had pretty kitchen cabinets and a celing fan with light in both bedrooms. When we moved in we began to find one thing after another that was a bummer. There are no fans, let alone lights, in either bedroom, the kitchen cabinets are NOT new and the drawers fall out easily when you pull them out, and our bathtub is pretty beat up. We fixed lighting issues with lamps....they will work out great! As for the kitchen and bathroom, I'll just keep telling myself this is temporary! ;-) As we have moved more things in it's really not so bad! I don't think about the kitchen cabinets and hold on tight to the drawers! hehe The more furniture we move in the more cozy it's getting!

We haven't gotten any of my belongings from Louisville yet. We are currently trying to figure out how to get my things here. They told us they would be moving us, but the Petty Officer also told us that's not suppose to happen for your first command. We have an appointment tomorrow morning to see what can be done on their part so we aren't out of pocket for that...please pray they move it for us at no cost! The furniture we do have right now we've gotten while we've been here. We bought new our bed frame, mattress, bedding, lamps, end tables (that we pick up today!), TV, and TV stand (with gift cards and money from our wonderful family and friends from the wedding...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!), but we found a GREAT deal on our couch off of Almost everything else we need will be coming with my table, kitchen table and chairs, all the bedding and dressers for the guest room, more kitchen supplies, etc. I'm anxious to put personal things up like pictures and some family items I've had for a long time. Soon it will be sooooo cozy here!

I believe that's all for now. Josh reports back to base on Saturday and begins work after that. We have our appointment tomorrow to find out about getting my stuff here from Louisville. And we will continue to make ourselves feel at home here. Thanks for all your prayers...keep them coming....and I'll keep updating on how things are going. Love and miss you ALL very much! If you need our new address don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail or facebook me!

Oh, and the professional pictures by Climer Photography should be arriving pictures will be posted in a week or two! Click their website for a few sneak peeks under Folio!


HowryFamily said...

LANIE! I LOVE the blog!!! :) And your little place looks so cozy!!

michelle said...

Your apartment looks great! It will feel more like home after you get your personal stuff and pictures! Love the update! Keep them coming!

Shelley said...

Great update lane! Just imagine all the stories you'll have to tell your future children...the funny apartment, living with just the basics...makes for a great story! I love it when I hear my friends newlywed Alana and the apartment she could vaccum all from one outlet! So fun. Good times! Love you! Want to visit!

Alana said...

Shelley speaks the truth! Our first apt was in married student apartments at our college and I could vacuum the whole place without unplugging the vacuum was that small! Also, there was only one drawer in the kitchen...ONE! And the carpet was like 20 years old and a puke green color...ick. Still, some of my fondest memories are from that little place! Enjoy this time of your life, even though it may seem crazy! Love and prayers to you!