Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Goodbye to what?

1.) Josh
He left for his one month training deployment yesterday. Am I sad? Of course. But it's only a month and I know he's safe! It's only for training so I know he won't be harmed at all. Ask me again if I'm a mess in 4 months when he leaves for the Persian Gulf for 9 months. AH!
**Update on his time on the ship....He isn't working in the galley scrubbing dishes!! He's actually on the flight deck doing better work! YIPPIE! Also, he informed me that Master Chief is working on helping us get all that back pay from the beginning of boot camp. I don't know why he's wanting to help, but God is good and is providing! Please pray it really does come through this time!**

2.) The "Pet"
I'm not sure what was going through Josh's mind two days before leaving me for a month, but he came home with a domesticated pet rat....cage and all. I couldn't believe it!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, of all things a rat??? Why not a fish or a CAT?! It went back to the pet store today! They only gave me my money back for the rat, not it's giant cage that cost $70. UG! I'll try that one on craigslist. Anyhoo, I'm rid of that and enjoying the apartment...rat free! I told Josh in our last e-mail that I took it back and he didn't say anything about it when he responded! PHEW! I escaped that one!

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Shelley said...

Sorry you had to say goodbye to Josh...not so sorry about the Rat! )