Thursday, August 07, 2008

Formal Induction Into Nannyhood

First off, it's been WAY too long since I last posted. My deepest apologies. I know you have all been checking everyday to see what's new and what a let down I am. TOTALLY KIDDING!

So this week was my first full week with the boys; Noah (4) and Jonah (1). It has been so much fun taking Noah to swim lessons and hearing how he was at the beginning and getting to see how much of an improvement he's made over the summer. He's such a little fish with no fear! And yes, I'm a VERY proud nanny of one week!

Jonah is one and doesn't try to say any words most of the time, so I hear a lot of "ooooo's" and "mmmmmmm's" in order to let me know something is up. We're working on that of course. He's starting to catch on to the fact I don't answer to that. He finally said "more" the other day after 3 full days of asking him, "Oh, you want MORE?" every time, I mean EVERY TIME, he moaned to get more food or drink. He looked closely at my lips, smiled, and quietly said, "more"....which of course I praised so much he has chosen to make that the only time.

So enough about probably want to know what I mean by "induction into nannyhood" right?!?!?

Well before I go into that (Haha...gotcha! You won't be disappointed. PROMISE!).

Yesterday morning I was shaving my legs in the shower with my foot propped up on the side of the tub. As I leaned forward towards my foot to start another stroke, my foot slipped and I rammed my forehead into the tile shower wall. Which of course I hit hard enough to throw me backwards and I had to catch myself from falling all the way down by grabbing the shower curtain. No really, it's okay, go ahead and laugh! I did. I was sure that my head would be bruised with a huge bump on it, but luckily I walked away with one very sore forehead (still does a lot today too) and that's it!

Phew! That was a close one.

Oh yes, induction...that's right.

Only about 2 hours after the tragic shower incident, Jonah and I joined Noah in his parent's room where he was watching his morning cartoons to see how he was doing. I was leaning towards him chatting it up when the induction happened. That's right, this was no rose ceremony where everyone sings songs and brings dates for a formal was a "happening" that will forever remain with me. Jonah and I love to play this game each morning where he does this plop down thing on the bed and throws his head back fast for me to tickle him. This time, he turned around and as he flung his body backwards, my eye got in the way. Yup. Jonah's hard head + Lane's eye = HUGE GOOSE EGG ON MY BROW BONE AND A BLUE...THEN PURPLE...NOW RED AND BLACK EYE!!!

As rubbed my eye I looked a Jonah and see him looking at me rubbing the back of his head with this look of "Oh man, I know that had to hurt her! She looks in pain." Although it hurt so bad I could have cried, I sucked it back and made sure Jonah was okay (which he didn't cry at all thankfully). I didn't think much about taking a look at it in the mirror or anything, until the four year old said about 10 minutes later, "Um, Miss Wayne. Your ieh wooks big and it's bwack. You swould pwrobawy wook in da miwo!" [Translation, like you really need it: Um, Miss Lane. Your eye looks big and it's black. You should probably look in the mirror!"] Sure enough, after wooking in da miwo, my eye was definitely big and bwack!'

To be honest, I think I might have slight concussion from the two big blows to the head. Yesterday evening I had a pretty bad dizzy spell, as well as three today while at the salon working for 10 hours. I don't think it's serious, but enough to make me dizzy and have a constant headache.

I'm now officially a "nanny" with a battle wound to prove it. This lovely picture was taking an hour after blow number 2. Today, the goose egg is gone, but still swollen a tad and definitely red and black. I must say though, it's in the perfect place that you can't see it much unless I close my eye...and it kind of looks like dark eyeshadow after doing some patchwork with some makeup! haha

All is well and life goes on! You know what would make me feel better?!?! TO HEAR YOUR INDUCTION STORIES!!! They could be funny, painful, or memorable...take your pick!

**UPDATE ON 8-8-08...a very large bruise has now appeared on my forehead...Oh joy!**


Janelle said...

OUCH!! That had to hurt.

Glad you are able to smile about it!

Shelley said...

Oh DADGUM lane! I'm so so sorry! I think you've heard all MY induction stories, but I betcha J has a few from this little trip I took!

Laney-Lou said...

haha...oh yes yes...and i do want to hear all about YOUR trip and jason's time!!

michelle said...

It is great to see a post from you! I HAVE been checking almost daily and I missed you!

I'll have to think of an induction story to share.

Alana said...

What about feeling your c-section? Does that count?

So sorry about that. I know you are an awesome Nanny!

Laney-Lou said...

Um...YES! Feeling your C-section DEFINITELY counts Alana!