Wednesday, July 09, 2008

9 on the 9th

I guess I'll keep this going...thanks Alana!

Life has been happening quite quickly for me over the past few weeks and I've LOVED every minute of it! Here are 9 happenings!

1. I got a job for the month of July!! WAHOO! I don't start my nanny job until August 1, so I found a job to hold me over until then at an upscale salon, Jerry Heston's Hairstyling, as a receptionist.

2. Picked my boy up at the airport and spent an entire week with him! He spoiled me so much!

3. My old roomie came in town and I cooked an amazing enchilada supper for her and some other friends (a great recipe by this wonderful person!!!), baked a delicious chocolate meringue pie, and we had a fun game night playing Apples to Apples!!

4. Heard the words "I love you" by the most wonderful person ever, Joshua Christian Whitlock....and I love it more and more everytime I hear it!

5. Here's a crazy one....WENT RING BROWSING! AH! Josh and I were at the mall and he pulled me into a ring store so he could know what I like...the rest is up to him.

6. Went to a concert and firework show the night before the 4th of July with some friends!

7. Spent the 4th of July on a Firework Cruise on the Ohio River and saw a great firework show!

8. Had another friend, Tom, come in town over the holiday and we all went to Six Flags!

9. Started the receptionist job and have been doctoring my feet since....I'm on them all day sitting time to sit really....a very busy and demanding job. But I love it!


Shelley said...

What a great update lane! It sounds like you had one seriously great week last week! Glad I could help out with the recipe's!

Alana said...

I so wish I had a blog from when I was your age. You are going to love looking back on these memories. So glad you had a great time!

Janelle said...


RING SHOPPING?????? This is getting good.

What's even better...he has a great last name!

Laney-Lou said...

Janelle you're SO cute! And man do I agree with the last name...strong name in my book. He calls it ring BROWSING...NOT shopping! haha He was very specific about that.