Sunday, April 06, 2008

A Time For Change!


verb: to make or become different.

Many times we look back in life and there are lots of milestone changes we go through. A new school, shaving for the first time, a big move, loosing your first tooth, or even a special date!

Right now, you're probably thinking of something just like that!

So, why do I bring this up?

Well, you probably are thinking that I'm referring to a change that will come my way in May with graduation and a move. And yes, that is true, but that's not what this blog is about.

Have you ever changed something physically that has made you feel like a new person?

Well, that's exactly how I feel RIGHT NOW! Yesterday, I ventured into my friends place of business and the change began! I encourage you to do the sure does give you a boost of confidence!

Check it out!





Shelley said...


Okay, so your ditzy cousin saw the first photo and missed the word "before" and was like...What did she change? I was examining the pic and couldn't find anything, and THAT'S when I scrolled down just a bit and saw the "after" pic! Aha! Then I noticed the "before" and "after" words.

Somebody help me.

But seriously, that haircut is YOU! Love it!

Janelle said...

Gorgeuos, both before AND after.

Laney-Lou said...

HAHA! Sometimes I worry about you Shell!

Thanks girls!

elizabethdianne said...

haha. i would have never thought of "shaving for the first time" a major milestone in my life. only you lane. =]
but OHH!! i LOVE the haircut! its so cute!!!
miss ya girl!

Anonymous said...

i love it!!

Alana said...

Oh, I LOVE it! What a fun cut to take you into spring and summer!

How many days left? You need a countdown on your blog ;-)

Laney-Lou said...

oh good idea alana...a countdown would be AWESOME!

adrianhitt said...

sooo cute!!! and i'm so excited that you're moving to louisville! i know katherine has to be stoked!

michelle said...

I love your new hair cut!