Friday, November 23, 2012

We have a ONE YEAR old!

Yup...that's's been a WHOLE year! We threw C a Little Man Mustache party and we all had a blast! Seriously can't believe he's one!  On his actual birthday we had a little smash cake session...which he loved of course.  This kid LOVES cake...he would have eaten the whole thing had I not have taken it away. Thank you to Etsy for all the wonderful party items! If you would like to see exactly where I most of the items you can click on the item list at the bottom of this posting and it will take you to that shop.  Enjoy!

Smash Cake Time!

Party Decor List:
Party cake was homemade, using Duff's Cake Tattoos on the edge.  
Smash Cake session came from Farm Fresh

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