Monday, October 17, 2011

36 Weeks, Sonogram, and TWIN NEPHEWS!

WOW!  ONLY 4 weeks to go....or less. ;-)

How fun it was to see our little boy again!  I'm so anxious to be able to see him everyday and love on him with lots of hugs and kisses!  Here are two of the cutest sonogram pictures I've ever seen!

Christian Dean is doing fantastic! It was last Wednesday that we had our appointment and at that point he weighed 6.1 lbs.  She did say she's usually a few ounces over, so he was probably just below 6 lbs.  He has ideal measurements on everything and his heartbeat was strong and on point.  So far we couldn't have asked for a healthier baby boy!  Last Wednesday I was dilated to a said she thinks he might be a little early.  I have had a few recent signs that he might be anxious to see the world, so we'll see if we really have to wait until 11-11-11 to meet him in person!  God's timing is perfect timing and I'm leaving it up to him!!  Tomorrow my sweet friend, Jaime Tocco, will be taking my maternity pictures....I'm so excited!  I'll definitely post them as soon as they are in my hands.

36 week...I'm dropping!

Also just a few weeks ago on September 27, 2011, my sister welcomed her twin boys around 34 weeks.  One had to stay in the NICU just a little longer than the other, but they are very healthy and now both home and together again!!!! 

(lf-rt) William Thomas Stewart III and Jacob Thomas Stewart

Proud mom and dad with their sweet boys!

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