Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hello 3rd (and last!!) Trimester

Well after vacation there's just so much to do right?!  Finally I'm getting to blog!  Our vacation down to Missouri and Oklahoma was more than we could have asked for...except for it to last longer (these vacations just never do).  We spent much time with family, missed getting to see parts of the family, and were blessed with an amazing baby shower and many sweet gifts for Christian.  Seriously...we are truly blessed!  Below are pictures of just how adorable my baby shower was (THANKS HOSTESSES....AND MOST OF ALL TO MY COUSIN WHO HAS THE CREATIVENESS TO PULL THIS OFF!) and my 25 week picture taken at my shower (we're now at 28 weeks....picture at the end).  Christian's room will be a vintage sock monkey theme which was the inspiration for the shower! (Click on the pictures to see them enlarged.)

hehe...did we tell you we're having 2?

Shelley and I threw Lauren a family shower!

While we together we got some maternity shots in for Lauren!
Some sisterly love!
 A new meaning to "Baby Bump"

27 weeks!  I can't believe I already started my 3rd trimester!  This whole thing went by crazy fast!
**I started writing this post at the beginning of my 27 weeks...my week slipped away from me.**

Now we're at 28 weeks!
At my 28 week appointment the doctor said I'm doing great!  She actually told me she was mad at me because I'm doing perfectly.  haha  She said she doesn't want me to gain more than 20 lbs total, and this last trimester will bring the most weight gain.  The baby's heartbeat was in the 140's and his constant movement is a great sign of development.  I asked her about some movement that didn't seem normal, almost like Christian was shivering.  She said it's actually a really good sign that his nervous system is developed and in action.  One of the reflex tests they do after he's born is to pull his arms to his side and see if he brings them back together in the middle.  This is actually what he's doing in the womb!  As he moves around his arms get pushed to the side and then they shake as they come back together in front of him!  Crazy huh?!  Well now I'm totally okay with that kind of movement knowing it's a good sign!  Next appointment I think we get another sonogram...HOPEFULLY!

Today I'm painting the nursery and hoping to get the crib set up!!!  WAHOO!  Stay tuned for pictures!

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