Friday, July 15, 2011

Since I Was Little...

...I've always dreamed of becoming a mommy.  As a young teen I worked as much as I could in any way possible with children at our church and babysitting in the area.  My sweet nephew was born when I was 13.  I immediately knew why God created me as I held onto Bryson imagining having my own someday.  Of course God created me for many things in my life, but one of the major things he's given me a desire for is mommy-hood.  Through the years I would hear of people wanting babies so bad, but couldn't get pregnant.  I prayed the Lord would bless me without any obstacles, but if there were obstacles I would always remain faithful to Him and understand he wants me to "mommy" somebody else.  When Josh and I decided to try to get pregnant, I feared it would take a long time or there would be a bigger obstacle to overcome.  However, the Lord blessed us in just two short months!  WOW!  What an answer to prayer!  

I remember the day I found out.  It was March 7th and I just had "that" feeling....among other obvious reasons.  Josh was already gone to work as I stumbled into the bathroom.  I sat down and said to myself, "WAIT! GRAB A TEST!  They say the hormones are strongest first thing in the morning."  After seeing the results I was so giddy!!!  I thought it was so neat that for a few hours, only me and God knew this AWESOME secret.  As soon as I dropped Henry (the boy I nanny) off at school, I raced to my doctors office to get the "official word".  She confirmed and I headed towards Josh's work.  He had no idea what my morning had been like and I was so excited to surprise him.  As I pulled up, he was actually walking outside (strange coincidence) and saw me.  He looked at me through the car window with suspicion...I never just show up to his work.  I rolled the window down and said, "Well babe, you're going to be a father!"  He got really quite and then said, "Really? Wow!"  I believe he told me good job somewhere in our conversation after that...hehe.  

Now we're 23 WEEKS ALONG!  I mean seriously, time has FLOWN!  I only have 119 more days to go.  11-11-11 will be here soon and we'll get to welcome our baby boy!  Below are a few pictures as I've grown.  From here on I'll just upload that week's belly picture for a quick update...hopefully every weeks, but no promises!  ;-)  Enjoy!

The big news!

First sonogram at 9 weeks...cute little gummy bear!

12 weeks

17 weeks

20 weeks...YAY FOR A BOY!

Just taken a few hours ago...23 weeks!

Baby boy Whitlock...we can't wait to meet you!!!!!


Alana said...

Sooooo excited for are going to be a great Mommy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey old friend! I had no idea you were pregnant...Congratulations!! May the Lord prepare you guys to be godly parents to raise your child(ren) to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

We're hoping to have our own children and will soon be able to take in foster children, so I've been reading several parenting books, have you read any good books? Let me know!

Anyways, glad you're back in the blogging world. =) God bless!


Josh and Lane Whitlock said...

Thanks Alana!

Courtney...that's great! What a blessing you can be to so many through fostering! Not only to them, but for your own children too...they will learn such valuable life lessons through watching you guys minister to those who come through your door! Ya I've read a few...I'm not a huge reader. One that I liked was more pregnancy, birth, and the first year of's called "From The Hips". Very cute!