Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Gun Man and A Precious Friend's Wedding

This weekend I was blessed to attend a precious friend's wedding, Lauren Hodson (now Lauren Caudill!), and spend some much needed time with friends I hadn't seen in a year or even 2!  I can't believe I've missed out on the last two years of some of their lives.  Some have gotten married to men I haven't seen or spent much time with.  It was GREAT getting to know them a little more and why my best girls love them so much.  If only my sweet boy could have been there too.  I just miss him so much and can't wait for this deployment to be OVER WITH!  Here are some pictures of my best friend's little boy, Gunner, and Lauren's wedding.  More to come later!
He loves his bicycle that his daddy restored.  
**The strings on the front are such a good idea.  That way mom or dad can have him hold onto the bars and they can pull him AND steer it at the same time.**

 Those blue eyes are to die for!
 The Gun Man loves his Uncle Tom!
 Chillin' in the bed of daddy's truck!

 The GORGEOUS bride, Lauren!  This is such a great facial!
 The lighting in the church was amazing!

 We all filled up our own bags of candy!

 Dancing the night away!

 And they're off!

Congratulations guys!!!  So happy I could celebrate with you!

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