Saturday, March 27, 2010

On The Ship Again

Josh is on the ship right now for another work up. I'm hoping this is the one that gives us lots of info on when he leaves for his deployment. But of course if I'm honest with myself, we probably won't find a thing out at all. Josh isn't working his usual job on the ship this time around. He is working TAD, meaning he's in the Galley, meaning he's working in the cafeteria. Ugggg. Until you make rank, everyone has to work TAD sometime. Hopefully he'll make rank before the long deployment so he won't ever have to do that again. For his sanity and MINE! Since he's not in his shop working on the flight line like normal, he doesn't has access to email. I've only heard from him two days out of the 5 days he's been gone. He emails me through someone elses email, but only the same time this guy checks his email...which isn't often. His emails have been VERY short, just checking to see if I'm safe. The only thing he has said about his working in the cafeteria is that he's working really hard and people are complimenting him. And to all of you that comes as no surprise as Josh is the hardest worker I know. I'm sure when people are assigned TAD they don't have a very good attitude about it and don't give their all the the job. I'm so happy he's making the best of it and working hard...what a good example he is to the others around him! Keep him in your prayers!!

**Update on 3/28: His email finally got set up, so I'm hoping that I'll be hearing from him more often! The last I heard from him was that the boat was extremely rocky this time around, but all in all it's been good. He's been eating A LOT and think he's gained 7 pounds! hehe I guess that's what happens when you work in the food area!**

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