Sunday, March 22, 2009

Blogger Behind Here!

Hello....remember me? I'm just a little behind here.

SOOO much has happened these last 5 weeks. Where do I begin. After returning home from my elopement weekend I had to really get on with planning our reception!

We have a WONDERFUL photographer, Climer Photography, and am so extremely excited to be working with Lance and Amanda. I have yet to have the sweet moment of meeting them, but Amanda and I have spoken on the phone and e-mailed a lot...I feel like I already know them! So to you Lance and Amanda, I look forward to meeting you on May 2!!

I got my invitations in the mail...finally! They are just adorable and simple...which I love simple. Now if I could just finish with postage stamps and sealing. I believe some girlfriends are coming over tomorrow to help me - that is unless one of those girlfriends goes into labor. I'M SOOOO HOPING SHE DOES!!! (More on that later.)

Let's see....we found a tent guy and I need to book him for sure tomorrow. It seems as though tables and some centerpieces have been lent to us from blessing! A friend in Branson is so sweetly helping me with flowers, some of the reception food, and catering our BBQ that we're having with family and the wedding party after our reception! We will speak in more detail later this week, but from e-mail it seems like she'll be a saving grace!!! THANKS DIXIE! I need to order the cake, finalize what our centerpieces will look like, FIND BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES!!!, after finding dresses I need to coordinate what the groomsmen will wear, I still need to alter my dress (I'm moving in two weeks...think I can get it done that fast...doubt it!), and let's see...I know there's more. Oh gosh....I GOTTA GET CAUGHT UP! Here a few pictures from a fun girls outing to look at some dresses! This style was one of our faves!


Ok next.

Just a few weeks ago I threw one of my best friends a baby shower that was so fun! Katherine and her husband, John, are expecting a little boy OR a little girl on April 7. They have chosen to make it a surprise on the gender. I thought that it would drive us all nuts, but we have actually really loved not knowing! It adds so much to the excitement! We had a great time and she got lots of fun stuff. Thanks so everyone who came!!! Here are some pics to celebrate the occasion. PS: WE ARE ALL HOPING THAT THIS BABY COMES THIS WEEK!!

Putting her "Breast Friend" to some good use. ;-)

Ok next.

Last weekend I had the most wonderful blessing to get to see Joshua! We ended up having enough money left over after paying LOTS of bills this month to be able to drive me down there and stay the weekend. Of course, it rained the whole time, so we didn't get out to do much of anything. Josh doesn't sleep well on base so he napped A LOT! We watched lots of Disney Classic movies, ones we grew up with, on YouTube to save money on going out to the movies. haha We also had a little kitchen in the hotel room so we cook all our meals! So, since we didn't go out and do anything, I have no pictures from the weekend. :-(

Ok next.

MY NEPHEW, BRYSON, TURNED 10 TODAY!!!! Seriously? TEN? I'm not by ANY MEANS old, but THAT makes me feel it. I know I was young when he was born, but I grew up fast when he came....never would I change a thing. If you don't know, I took care of this sweet boy A LOT (and I'm not exaggerating at all....I mean, I helped raise him it was so much) for the first two years or so of his life. He and I have such a special relationship and I love him as if he were my own. He get's more handsome everytime I see him. I can't belive my sweet boy is already ten.


Ok next.

My dear girlfriends I work with at Jerry Heston's Hairdressing threw me a wedding shower last night. It was actually planned on a weekend that a lot of people already had plans, so it was a small crowd, but a quality crowd I must say. Josh and I got some more fiesta ware from everyone at the salon, and then the girls individually got me some fun lingerie! (Pictures so come soon....I haven't uploaded them and can't find my card reader right now.)

My goodness...I think that catches us up. This next weekend I'll be vising Overland Park, Kansas, for a Mary Kay Career Conference! I'll be staying with a good friend, Mandy Avery, and her little boy, Lucas! Her husband, Terrance, is currently in basic training with the Army. I figured instead of just visiting with her for a few hours, I would stay and keep her company for a few days! I'm looking forward to it!

It looks like Josh will be starting his schooling in a week...YIPPIE SKIPPY YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW EXCITED I AM I COULD JUST PEE MY PANTS!!!!! How do you like that? So, if all goes as hoped, he'll be done with school around April 23, have a few days in holding, get his orders and start his ten days off, have a reception, go back to Louisville to get all of my stuff, and head to wherever we get stationed. PHEW! All of that will happen in a two week time span. Ya, you're telling me. No wait, I'm telling you. THIS SUCKS! I won't be able to visit him again before the reception....which also sucks major bad.

Okay okay...I think I'm done for now. Hopefully I wont take so long to update next time! ;-)


Shelley said...

Whew girl, that was a whirlwind. Um, you've got some things to do, don't you?! GET BUSY!!! :) Of course, this is advice coming from a girl who hasn't had a shower yet today...

Love the look-a-like pic! So fun!

Katherine looks adorable, make sure you tell her I said that. Seriously too cute!!! I can't wait to hear what she has!

And I also can't wait to see you soon. I've missed you! Love ya!

Janelle said...

Great update! I am so excited for all the details you are planning to fall into place.

Your friend with her breast pillow...funny! Really funny! And I have a crush on her hair!

Anyway, love you nut!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy & that you have been busy! That reception is just inching closer! I wonder where you two will be stationed... You wouldn't mind staying in FL, would you? Or can you? I don't know much about where stations are etc. Anyhoo, Lance & I are excited for you & Josh!! :)

Alana said...

Such a fun the veil pics! I'm praying for you and looking so forward to celebrating with you as well!