Sunday, June 22, 2008

When I Begin To Feel Lonely...

I'm a nanny.

But am I nannying yet?

No. Sad day.

I moved to Louisville expecting to start my nanny position at the end of May, but they decided what they have now will work for the rest of the summer and I'll start in August. :-(

So, what have I been up to besides looking for a job?

Hmm...laying out by the pool when it's not raining (which it has been A LOT), constantly cleaning the apartment (crazy I know), missing Josh terribly...I mean HORRIBLY, trying to get to know the area, find a church family to serve with, and sleeping in. That's right...sleeping in everyday makes me feel SOOOO LAZY! Granted, I stay up late talking with Josh on the phone every night, so sleeping in is very natural and not forced at all.

Still though, I'm praying God opens up some doors for a summer job soon. Graduation money is gone after I pay rent tomorrow...sad day again...and I feel like I'm not getting out enough and have yet to really feel like a Louisville resident. I have a lead on a job as a receptionist at a high end hair salon in a really nice part of town that I hope God works I'll get my hair done for free!! OH YA! A friend I've made since being here use to work there, put in a great word for me, and tells me it's a GREAT ministry opportunity with the kind of girls that work there. How cool would that be...go to work everyday knowing God can use me to further His kingdom?!? AWESOME! That's what being part of the ministry is all matter where your place of business may be. God can use you anywhere and I encourage you too look for every opportunity God places in front of you to show His love!

To my family and dear friends (my Branson mommy-friends who stay connected through my blog included!!!), I miss you all and think about you everyday. When I feel lonely I reminisce a lot and pray you are all doing well! Love you tons and I look forward to seeing many of you soon...hopefully!


Shelley said...

Ahh sweetie, we miss you too!

I hope you get that job, or if not, then another one quickly! That would probably make you feel like you are a true "Louisvillian" a lot faster.

I texted you again the other night, but never heard back from you. Did you get my second text?

Laney-Lou said...

No I never did get your second one. Too bad...I was excited you learned to text! hehe


michelle said...

Lane, we miss you also! I'm sure you'll settle in soon. It just takes some time to iron out the moving wrinkles. Hang in there! We will keep you close in prayer!

Alana said...

Aww, we miss you, too. But where's my picture? ;-)

Thanks for your sweet comment. Get out your pen and paper, sounds like you're gonna need it ;-)

Laney-Lou said...

Alana I totally looked for some good pictures of you and all the other kids...NO LIE! hehe Pen and paper is ready!